List of HMRC Customer Service Numbers

List of HMRC Service Email Address

HMRC Service Postal Address

  • HMRC Main Address 100 Parliament St, Westminster, London SW1A 2BQ

How can I contact HMRC Self-Assessment service through phone?

  • HMRC self-assessment general queries can be handled by making a call at 0161 930 8331.
  • However, if you need an advice, you need to contact HMRC self-assessment advice number 0300 200 3310.
  • For availing HMRC self-assessment online services, you can contact 0161 930 8445 or 0300 200 3603.
  • For issues regarding HMRC self-assessment payments, you need to call on 0300 200 3401 or 0150 647 6606.

If you need to contact HMRC as soon as posible, use their Twitter account – HRMC Customer Support on Twitter

Here is a list of HMRC social media accounts, contact them through those accounts and get your issue resolved as soon as possible!

What is the contact number of HMRC debt management service?

  • The HMRC debt management service can be reached by calling at HMRC debt management number 0300 200 3887.
  • HMRC debt collection team can however be approached by calling at 0300 200 3862.

What number should i call to get HMRC PAYE assistance helpline?

  • It can be reached by calling at 0300 200 3311.
  • For getting assistance regarding tax credits, you need to contact HMRC staff at HMRC tax credit number 0345 300 3943.

How can I contact HMRC Employers services?

  • If you need to get information regarding HMRC PAYE, you need to call at HMRC Employers PAYE number 0150 647 6066.
  • If you want to reach HMRC employer support team, you need to call at 0300 055 0826.
  • Those who have employed non-UK expatriate can reach HMRC through HMRC expatriate helpline 0300 053 3148.
  • For all other queries such as a stakeholder pension scheme, student loan repayments, paternity pay etc., call on HMRC employers contact 0300 200 3200.
  • If you have any enquiries regarding National wage or want to file a complaint related to that, you need to call on HMRC complaints number free 0800 917 2368.

How can I reach customer service team of tax and excise movement control system department?

  • The tax related queries can be resolved by calling at HMRC tax helpline number free 0800 904 7900.
  • Issues regarding excise movement control system will be dealt with by calling at HMRC excise movement control system helpline 0300 057 5989.

How can i report fraud with HMRC?

  • HMRC report fraud team can be called at free number 0800 854 440 in case you believe any fraud is committed. The team will assist you further and will resolve your issue soon.
  • If you wish to report tax avoidance, you need to call HMRC tax customer service contact number free 0800 788 887.