If you want to learn more about how to pay HMRC VAT and corporation tax, here is a guide that gives step by step process. You can find all the links related to how to pay HMRC vat and how to pay HMRC corporation tax on this page.

How to Pay HMRC VAT

  1. You need to clear your vat bill before the deadline date, and you can check your deadline dates by going to VAT returns and deadline page, and then login into your VAT online account to pay HMRC vat by using government gateway.
  2. You get different pay HMRC vat payment deadlines if you use the Annual Accounting Scheme that you can find on this page.
  3. If you use the annual accounting scheme you can make an HMRC advance vat bill that is based on your last returns and if you are new you can provide vat estimation.
  4. Also, if you are using the annual accounting scheme, you can submit a 1 VAT return a year. And according to HMRC, it is a requirement as from 1 April 2019 most businesses will be required to keep their digital VAT records and submit VAT returns through software. You can check when a business must follow the rules for making tax Digital for VAT on this page.
  5. When you submit the VAT returns you have an option to make a final payment (the difference between your actual VAT bill and your advance payments. Or you are required to apply for a refund in case your VAT bill was overpaid.
  6. The second deadline difference options that you can get is by visiting this guidance about VAT payments on the accounts page to understand more about the deadlines that may apply for you.
  7. If you want to pay for a VAT mini One Stop Shop (VAT Moss) bill, you can do so by checking the pay VAT moss page.


  1. When making payments, ensure you pay earlier before the deadline so that it reaches HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) bank on time. Failure to pay on time as required can cause a surcharge and you can check more on VAT returns surcharges and penalties page.
  2. If you want to know how to pay your vat HMRC especially the time needed to clear, you can use the VAT payment deadline calculator by visiting the vat payment deadlines calculator.

Pay HMRC VAT Same or Next Day

  1.  If you want to faster services to pay HMRC vat, you can ask for pay HMRC vat bank details and pay HMRC vat by phone. To learn more about paying HMRC vat by phone or online you can check the pay vat bank details page.
  2. You can also opt to pay HMRC vat using chaps, which you can check for more information from this page.

HMRC How to Pay your VAT Bill in 3 Working Days

  1. If your plan is to pay HMRC vat by debit card, the process is swift though you will have to wait three days for the payment complete. You can learn more about the process on the pay vat direct debit page.
  2. The other method you can use is to pay HMRC vat bacs, which as well takes 3 days to complete the payment process. Here is the bacs page you can get the necessary information concerning pay vat bank details. If you plan to know how to pay HMRC vat by bank transfer, all the details are available or alternatively ask HMRC support for guidance.
  3. For businesses using the Annual Accounting Scheme or Payments on Account can use a standing order to pay HMRC vat. If that’s the method you prefer, you can learn more about the process required on the pay vat standing order page. This method of payment takes three days to go through the required process before reaching HMRC.
  4. Another way on how to HMRC vat is through online using the debit method or pay HMRC vat by credit card. But you should note that you cannot make payment through a personal credit card, the only one allowed is a corporate credit card. If the HMRC vat bill is not complete, you can use bank transfer. For more information, you can check pay vat by debit or credit card online page.
  5. If you prefer to pay through your bank or building society, first you need to order paying by phone or paying in-slips online. But before you choose this option, you need to factor duration time as they can take up to 6 weeks before arriving at HMRC. Alternatively, you can pay HMRC vat by cheque or using cash. For more information, you can check the pay vat bank or building society page.

How to Pay HMRC VAT on Weekend/ Holiday

  1. If pay HMRC vat falls on a weekend or bank holiday, it is required that you plan how the money will reach the HMRC bank account during the last working day before it.
  2. If you are using a speedy process to pay HMRC vat, you can use a workable plan or get more information by visiting the pay vat bank details page.
  3. The alternative way to respect the set deadlines is to use faster payments and you can learn more here.
  4. The process of paying HMRC is easy, but when you get stuck contact HMRC vat payment helpline for assistance.

HMRC VAT Payments on Account

Here is guidance that gives you the process on who has to pay vat payments on account, the way HMRC functions regarding the payments you give, alternatives, the payments process and the time to pay. You can get all the information on the vat payments on account page.

How to Make HMRC VAT Payments on Account Arrangement

  1. Payments on account normally are the advance payments that you make towards your HMRC vat bill.
  2. If you make your HMRC vat returns on a quarterly basis, the HMRC company will require you to make payments on account and owe more than £2.3 million in any given time of 12 months or less than that. The threshold of £2.3 million includes moving goods and on imports into and out of excise warehouses.

How HMRC Works out Your Payment on Account

  1. HMRC works on your payment based on your yearly HMRC vat liability the moment you go over the threshold.
  2. The HMRC company arrives at an installment amount by dividing your annual HMRC vat liability by 24.
  3. In case you have been operating your business for less than 12 months, your payments will be worked out as a proportion.
  4. The HMRC vat on imports or moving goods in and out of the excise warehouse is never included.
  5. You should know that the amount of your payments may change due to the fluctuation of your total HMRC vat up or down by 20%.

VAT payment plan for Businesses registered in Divisions

  1. If your business is registered in the names of their divisions, each one of them will be treated as a separate business for payment on account. The company will use HMRC vat liability separately of every division to make a decision as to make a payment on account or the amount every payment on account.
  2. This is how to pay HMRC vat businesses that are registered as a part of a VAT group. The decision is made after the entire group VAT liability is checked. The decision determines the amount of every payment on account or if the payment should be made on the account.