EDF Energy

List of EDF Energy Customer Service Numbers

List of EDF Energy Service Email Address

EDF Energy Service Postal Address

  • Customer care address EDF Energy, Freepost RRYZ-BGYG-JCXR, 334 Outland Road, Plymouth, PL3 5TU

  • Customer service director complaint address FREEPOST: EDF ENERGY, CUSTOMER SERVICES DIRECTOR
  • Customer service address for home FREEPOST, EDF Energy, Plymouth

What is EDF Energy customer service number?

  • EDF Energy provides 24/7 customer service for their customers where you can discuss any issue regarding electricity or gas etc. EDF energy assistance number is 0333 200 5103.
  • Any new customer who wishes to join EDF Energy needs to call the EDF Energy customer service team at 0333 009 7155.
  • If you have general issues that you want to discuss with EDF Energy, you need to call EDF Energy helpline number 0333 200 5100.
  • The customers having hearing issues can call EDF Energy helpline number free 0800 096 2929.

How can I book my smart meter installation with EDF Energy?

  • You can easily book smart meters with EDF energy by calling EDF Energy smart meter booking contact 0333 200 5104.
  • You may face some issues after getting your meter installed related to these smart meters. But you need not worry as EDF Energy smart meter team is always ready to help you. You need to call EDF energy smart meters number 0333 009 7000.

Can I contact EDF energy during any kind of emergencies?

  • Yes EDF energy will help you if you are calling them during an emergency. You may face EDF energy gas emergencies that can be resolved by calling at EDF Energy gas emergency free number 0800 111 999. This emergency line is available 24 hours.
  • If your emergency is related to electricity, you need to simply dial 105 and you will be directed to your area network distributor.
  • You can even avail EDF Priority service help by calling EDF energy Priority service helpline number free 0800 269 0450.

How can I resolve my business-related inquiries with EDF energy?

If you are a business user and want to reach the sales team of EDF energy, you need to call the EDF energy business sales team contact 0345 112 2205. If your business is on a large scale then you need to call at EDF energy business free contact number 0800 328 9030.