You can easily file a complaint against Expedia customer service, if you are not happy with it. The complaint can be filed regarding any issue whether it is Expedia flights, Expedia hotels, Expedia car rentals, Expedia travels etc.

Expedia complaints department

If you are in the middle of the trip and facing some issue or you have not started your trip and facing some problem, you can complaint it to Expedia complaints department by calling Expedia complaints telephone number 0203 684 2910.  The customer can even complaint after the completion of trip regarding any problems faced during the trip. You need to fill up Expedia complaints form to explain your issue concerning the trip.

Expedia complaints refund policy

If you are having complaints regarding Expedia refund policy, you can complaint it on phone by calling at Expedia complaints number 0203 788 0445. Before filing your complaint, it is always better to read itinerary so that you know the facts regarding Expedia refund policy and then file a valid complaint.

Expedia complaint address

A written complaint can also be filed by you by sending a letter at Expedia complaint postal address given below:

Angel Building, The, 407 St John St, London EC1V 4EX, United Kingdom

You need to mention your contact details along with complaint so that Expedia can respond you back with the appropriate solution.

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