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Thames Water Service Postal Address

  • Customer service address Thames Water, PO Box 286, Swindon, SN38 2RA

  • Complaints address Complaints resolution team, Thames Water, PO BOX 436, Swindon, SN38 1TU

How can I contact Thames Water customer service?

You are just one call away from Thames Water customer service. You need to call Thames Water UK contact free number 0800 980 8800 and explain your issue. You will be answered immediately and if your issue is not resolved on the call they will call back after a certain time period mentioned by them. You can even send your issue in written form at Thames Water London address through the post or personally visit there if it is nearby your place. Thames water UK address is:

Thames Water, PO Box 286, Swindon, SN38 2RA

If you are sending your inquiry through the post, do mention your contact details as it will help them to contact you back with the best solution. Thames Water treat their customers on priority as they feel customer satisfaction is the key to their success.

Where do I need to call if I need Thames Water bills assistance and Thames Water supply service?

Any assistance regarding online bill payment or updating bill details etc. can be provided through the phone. You need to call on Thames Water bill assistance number 0800 980 8800 between 8 AM-8 PM from Monday to Friday and between 8 AM-6 PM on Saturday. The lines are closed on Sunday and on bank holidays. However, the issues related to Thames Water supply can be handled well by calling at 0800 316 9800. You can ask about water pressure, quality and hardness of water, and all other issues related to the water supply through this number.

What is Thames Water 24 hour emergency number?

The customers who need 24-hour support from Thames Water can call on Thames Water emergency contact number 0800 316 9800. This number can be reached anytime and immediate assistance will be given. Any kind of emergencies like wastewater flooding, blocked drains, sewage problem, etc can be discussed here. You can even report the emergency online through this page. You will get immediately the assistance of experts who can very well handle the emergencies.

How can I resolve my Thames Water moving home issues?

When you are moving your home to another area, you may need to change the services also. Thames Water moving home support will help you in each and every aspect. You just need to call Thames Water moving home contact number 0800 980 8800. Thames Water helpline is available between 8 AM-8 PM from Monday to Friday and between 8 AM-6 PM on Saturday.

How can I get assistance related to Thames Water meter reading?

The help related to Thames Water meter reading can be availed by calling at Thames Water meter reading contact number 0800 980 8800. You can even get online help related to this matter by visiting this page. There may be inquiries that are non-urgent, you can report those inquiries by visiting this page.  If you wish to ask a question online from Thames Water, you need to visit this page and type your question in the ‘Ask your question’ box.

Where do I need to call if I am having hearing difficulties?

If you are having hearing disabilities, you do not need to worry as you can use Thames Water hearing disability contact number 0800 316 6899. You can discuss any query here whether it is related to moving home, or billing, or new plans offered by Thames Water. You can call on this number anytime as it is available 24 hours in customer’s assistance.

How can I file a complaint if I am not happy with Thames Water services?

You have the option to provide feedback if you are not happy with their services. You just need to call on Thames Water complaint number 0800 009 3988 between 9 AM-5 PM from Monday to Friday. Your complaint will be taken seriously and the best solution will be provided within the time span mentioned by you. You can even send your complaint through the email at Thames Water complaint email address [email protected]. If the solution provided by the Thames Water complaint department is not viable to you, you have to option to further escalate it to Consumer Council. You need to call 0207 931 8502 or visit this page to file your complaint. You can file your complaint to Consumer Council only if it is dealt with already by Thames Water and the solution provided to you is not satisfactory.