List of Severn Trent Customer Service Numbers

List of Severn Trent Service Email Address

Severn Trent Service Postal Address

  • Customer Services Postal Address: Severn Trent, PO Box 407, Darlington, DL1 9WD
  • Head Office Contact: Severn Trent Centre, 2 St John's Street, Coventry, CV1 2LZ
  • Cheque payable address: Severn Trent Water Ltd, PO BOX 12802, Harlow, CM20 9RF
  • Complaints address: Severn Trent, Customer Care Team, PO Box 409, Darlington, DL1 9WF
  • Data Protection address: DPO, 2 St John’s Street, Coventry, CV1 2LZ
  • Information Commissioner’s Office: Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF
  • Consumer Council for Water contact: Consumer Council for Water, 1st Floor, 23 Stephenson Street, Birmingham, B2 4BH
  • Water Industry Redress Scheme (WATRS) contact: WATRS, International Dispute Resolution Centre, 70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU
  • Equiniti address: Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA, United Kingdom

Severn Trent plc is a water company based in Coventry, England supplying 4.6 million households and business across the Midlands and Wales. For any of your questions, the customers have various ways to get in touch with Severn Trent customer advisors such as through telephone, online, WhatsApp, mail or social portals. You can use the WhatsApp page to contact for any queries or can call the Severn Trent customer services number 0345 750 0500

Severn Trent Postal Address

Any of the correspondence can be sent by mail at the Severn Trent postal address : Severn Trent, PO Box 407, Darlington, DL1 9WD and the Severn Trent customer services will make sure to revert back as soon as possible.

Severn Trent Payment Options

  • The customers can choose to pay later by setting up direct debit on the account via the page so that the desired amount is deducted every month from the account on a fixed date.
  • You can also make a one- off payment online through this page using your card details.
  • You can also pay by cheque payable to Severn Trent Water Ltd and send it at Severn Trent contact address: Severn Trent Water Ltd, PO BOX 12802, Harlow, CM20 9RF
  • For bills and payments, you can call the Severn Trent pay bill number 0345 750 0500 from Mon- Fri 8 am – 8 pm, Sat 9 am – 3 pm and 9 am – 5 pm on bank holidays and pay with your debit/credit card. If you have tried to call and the call is in a queue, the customer services members will arrange to make a call back from these numbers: 0247 771 6585 (about bills and payments) and 0247 771 6587 ( for anything else)
  • This can also be done through your banks / building society
  • You can also visit your local post office and pay through cash, cheque or card. The nearest post office contact details can be checked via this page.
  • You can also visit your nearest PayPoint store and pay by WaterCard. The store details can be checked through this page.

Severn Trent Payment Issues

If you need support to pay off the bill, there are various financial support schemes for help such as Bill Cap Scheme, Water Direct, Financial Hardship Fund, Money and Pension service and much more. You can also contact various independent organisations for help and advice such as National Debtline at 0808 808 4000, Step Change at 0800 138 1111, Citizens Advice- Adviceline (England): 0800 144 8848 and Advicelink (Wales): 0800 702 2020

Severn Trent Emergency Contact

In case of any emergency or supply issues, you can dial the 24 hours helpline at Severn Trent emergency number UK contact 0800 783 4444

Severn Trent Meter Installation

The customers can apply for the meter online using this page. The meter readings also have to be submitted online via this page using the account number.

Severn Trent Accessibility

For any queries about the accessibility services, you can get in touch with customer advisors using the help page through WhatsApp message or mail. The deaf or hard-of-hearing customers can use the textphone services at Severn Trent 0800 number- 0800 328 1155. If you wish to give any suggestions for the website accessibility,  you can fill in the details in an online form via this page.

Severn Trent Data Protection

For any questions relating to how your data is managed, you can reach the privacy experts either at Severn Trent UK contact number 0345 750 0500 or by email at Severn Trent email address [email protected]. If, in case, you are not happy with how your personal information is used, the requests can be sent at Severn Trent contact email [email protected] or at the Severn Trent address Coventry: DPO, 2 St John’s Street, Coventry, CV1 2LZ. If still not satisfied with the decision, the matter can be referred to the  Information Commissioner’s Office at their helpline 0303 123 1113 or at their address: Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF or via their web page.

Severn Trent Water Home Move

If you have moved to Severn Trent area, you can quickly open your account online through this page. If the move is into another property in the same area, the details can easily be updated online by signing in via this page. And, in case, if you are moving out of Severn Trent area and would like to close the account, you can submit the details via this page. You can check the supply area through the map via this page and if any doubts, the advisors can be reached at Severn Trent Water contact number 0345 750 0500. Else, you can also check with Water UK website for the supplier details.

Severn Trent Priority Services

If you are deaf, blind or hearing impaired, a pensioner, or unable to read, write or communicate in English or going through a bereavement, divorce, or any medical condition etc., you can apply for the Severn Trent priority services. You can submit requests online for nominees appoint, doorstep security or alternative bill types via this page. If, in case, you need to update your information, you can contact the Severn Trent customer care team either via Severn Trent email contact [email protected] or at Severn Trent telephone number 0800 085 4986 from Mon- Fri 8 am – 6 pm and Sat 8:30 – 2:30 pm. For the changes, you can submit an online form via the page and if, in case, there are no changes to your circumstances, then you may use this no changes form via this page.

Severn Trent Jobs UK

All work opportunities information can be checked by visiting this page and for any questions, the recruitment members can be reached at Severn Trent HR email [email protected] or early careers team at Severn Trent contact email address [email protected]

Severn Trent Media Contact

The journalists can send in all their media related questions to the Severn Trent press office experts at Severn Trent email address [email protected] and to contact out of office hours, you can call them at Severn Trent press office phone number 0758 304 5682

Severn Trent Investor Relations Contact

All your investment and shareholding queries can be discussed with IR team via Severn Trent investor email address [email protected]. To manage your shares or for any enquiries about your shareholding account, the customers can call Equiniti at their helpline 0371 384 2967 or +44 121 415 7044 when calling from outside UK from Mon- Fri 8:30 am – 7:30 pm and Sat 9 am – 3 pm or at their address: Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA, United Kingdom.

Severn Trent Corporate

Being the supplier, if you have any enquiries about SAP Ariba or need support using it, the procurement team can be contacted at Severn Trent email address [email protected]. Any of the corporate responsibility queries can be submitted online using an email form via this page and corporate team will make sure to revert back at the earliest. To get in touch with the headquarters, you can reach at Severn Trent head office UK address: Severn Trent Centre, 2 St John’s Street, Coventry, CV1 2LZ and the postal address is Severn Trent, PO Box 409, Darlington, DL1 9WF

Severn Trent Developer Enquiry

The business development experts are easily accessible to provide you the best solutions for your development at Severn Trent business contact number 0738 445 0701 from Mon- Fri 8 am – 5 pm or via the Severn Trent business address UK: ST Connect, Business Development Team, Severn Trent Centre, 2 St. Johns Street, Coventry, CV1 2LZ. The queries can also be submitted online using a contact form through this page. Before submitting the application for the connection, if you have any doubts, you can discuss at Severn Trent business phone number UK 0345 450 9549 or contact online via this page. Being the business/household customers, if  you wish to report for a noisy, broken and/or could be dangerous manhole cover, you can call Severn Trent water contact number UK 0345 450 9549 so that it is fixed as quickly as possible