List of Plusnet Customer Service Numbers

List of Plusnet Service Email Address

Plusnet Service Postal Address

  • Plusnet Postal Address: Plusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU
  • Ombudsman Services contact: Ombudsman Services: Communications, PO Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU

Plusnet Customer Services

Plusnet plc is a British internet service provider; providing broadband, landline and mobile services. For any of your queries about the services, or about your online account or to change any details etc., the experts can be reached at Plusnet free contact number 0800 432 0200 from Mon- Sun 8 am- 8 pm. You can also discuss your concerns with other customers through chat sessions via the Plusnet community page. When you are looking for the best package before the switch, you can check out the great deals via this page and click on ‘chat now’ tab and discuss.

Plusnet Business Customer Services

  • For all questions about the Plusnet business broadband services, phone services, or even for cancellation of services, you can get in touch with the Plusnet business customer service team at Plusnet business telephone number 0800 028 0282. The Plusnet contact us opening times are all days, 24 hours.
  • You can also contact online and send your queries by signing in to the page.
  • The new customers can enquire about the services with the Plusnet business sales team at Plusnet business contact number 0800 023 2221 from Mon- Fri 9 am – 5:30 pm.
  • Any questions related to commissions can be discussed with the experts via email at Plusnet business email address [email protected] and they will help keeping a track of your sales and commissions.

Plusnet Issues

If you are facing any issues in your broadband or phone services, you can report the fault to the Plusnet customer service advisors using the text message HELP to Plusnet phone number 0780 000 8121. The service is available from Mon- Sun 8 am- 7:30 pm.

Plusnet Bill Payments

To pay your Plusnet broadband, home phone and TV bill, you have various options such as direct debit, credit card or debit card. Direct debit is an easy option to pay monthly on a desired date from your bank account. You can also pay monthly or one- off payments using Visa, Delta, Electron, MasterCard, Switch or Maestro card. Any changes in the details or payment method can be done by signing in to the account through payment portal via this page.

Plusnet Payment Problems

If you are facing any problem with the broadband bill or facing difficulty in paying it, the advisors can be contacted at Plusnet customer service free number 0800 432 0200 and they will be happy to assist you further. If you think you won’t be able to pay your Plusnet mobile bill or seems any error in the bill, you can call the experts at Plusnet phone number 0800 079 1133 or can call the number 500 from your Plusnet mobile. When calling from outside UK, you can call Plusnet contact number UK 0795 396 6500

Plusnet Account Review

Your Plusnet account review shows how you have been using your broadband data and then you can be sure that you are on the right package. To get the account review, you can call the Plusnet customer services telephone number 0800 587 1942 (home customers ) and 0800 587 1934 for business customers.

Plusnet BT Sport App

To add the Plusnet BT sport app, you need to login to the account via the page and then follow the given instructions. When the BT sport app is added from Plusnet, it will be available to use within 24 hours. For any queries about the app or if you wish to cancel it, you can call the Plusnet UK phone number 0800 432 0200 from Mon- Sun 8 am – 8 pm.

Plusnet Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your broadband contract, the Plusnet customer services is accessible at Plusnet cancellation number 0800 432 0200 from Mon- Sun 8 am -8 pm. The experts would surely like to discuss the matter and see what they can do to help. Any non-business service from Plusnet (apart from BT Sport, Plusnet Protect and channel packs) can be cancelled up to 14 days from the day after you signed-up for the service. For the cancellation, you can complete and submit the form downloaded via the page and to be sent at the Plusnet contact address: Plusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU. You may also cancel your broadband, phone and TV services by calling the advisors on Plusnet contact number UK 0800- 0800 013 2632 and Plusnet Mobile customers can cancel their mobile service by dialing either 500 from the Plusnet mobile or Plusnet free phone number 0800- 0800 079 1133 on any phone.

Plusnet Reward Card

An activation email will be sent from on how to activate the card online. If you cannot find or have not received it, then you may visit their web page to request that it should be again sent. The money on the reward card can be spent online and in most high street stores that display the Mastercard┬« symbol. If you have claimed the card online and it has not reached within 30 days, or if the card is not working, you can get in touch with the Plusnet Reward Card Service team either via Plusnet email address [email protected] or can call Plusnet phone number 0344 879 1069

Plusnet What Happens if I Move House

  • When you are planning to move home and would take your broadband and phone services, or have any related questions, you can contact the Plusnet move home team at Plusnet 0800 phone number 0800 587 1952 and give them 4 weeks notice to set up everything. If you have got a standard broadband or standard fibre package you can take your number with you, provided you are using the same phone exchange and if you are not sure, you can call the experts at Plusnet 0800 telephone 0800 013 2632. If the landline is supplied by another provider, you need to contact them to check if you can keep your number.
  • Being a business customer, when you are moving premises, you can dial Plusnet business contact 0800 number 0800 028 0282 and discuss for all necessary information. Alternatively, you can call Plusnet business contact number 0800 389 7854 and inform that your business is moving and if any extra services required at new location.

Plusnet Mobile Contact

Your SIM generally arrives in 1 to 3 working days. If it is longer than that, or if SIM is not working, you can contact the Plusnet customer support at the Plusnet customer service 0800- 0800 079 1133 (option 1 and option 2) and business customers can dial Plusnet business helpline 0800 328 4677. From your Plusnet mobile, you can also dial 500 and Plusnet contact from abroad 0795 396 6500 when calling from outside UK. If you are switching and would like to keep the same number, you can ask the provider for switching code by texting PAC to 65075

Plusnet Mobile Return

To return your mobile phone, you can call the experts at Plusnet phone number 0800 079 1133 and tell them the make and model of your mobile, its IMEI number, and the reason or send the details by email via Plusnet email address [email protected]

Plusnet Accessibility UK

  • The customers with sight or hearing disabilities can request for bills or other important information in Braille, large print or audio documents to the Plusnet customer support staff by calling either the Plusnet phone number 0800- 0800 432 0200 or you can contact online using the additional support form via this page for the broadband and phone services and for your Plusnet mobile, you can call Plusnet free phone number 0800- 0800 079 1133 or 500 from your Plusnet mobile or contact online via the page.
  • If, you wish, you can sign up for the free directory enquiry service. You need to complete an application form, and the form can be requested by dialing the 0800 587 0195 from Mon- Fri 9 am – 4:30 pm. This service is not provided by Plusnet. After signing up, you may dial 195 and you can speak to an operator who will find the number you require.
  • You can also nominate up to two people to manage your account whether phone and broadband or mobile users.
  • At times, you may also need someone to manage your affairs for you. Power of Attorney (PoA) is a legal document which gives someone else legal authority to make decisions and act on your behalf. If you have a power of attorney you can send a photocopy of all services ( phone and broadband and mobile ) to the Plusnet postal address: Plusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU. The scanned copy can also be sent by email via Plusnet email address [email protected] (for phone and broadband) and [email protected] (for mobile)

Plusnet Nuisance Calls

You can stop sales and marketing calls calling you by registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) via this page. But if you still get the calls after registering, you can raise the matter to the Direct Marketing Association via the page or to the Information Commissioner Office through their page.

Plusnet Press Office

The journalists can discuss all questions concerning media with the Plusnet media team through email via Plusnet press office email address [email protected] or [email protected]

Plusnet Careers

You can check all job related information and apply online through this page and if have any questions, you can reach the Plusnet recruitment team via Plusnet email [email protected]