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Lycamobile Service Postal Address

  • Customer service address Walbrook Building, 195 Marsh Wall London, E14 9SG United Kingdom
  • Complaint address 14 Ealing Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA04TL, United Kingdom

How can I resolve my issues with the Lycamobile customer service team?

Lycamobile customer service team is always available for their customers. You are just one call away from them. You need to make a call at Lycamobile customer service number 0207 132 0322. You can even contact Lycamobile customer care through social media links like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you are calling from Lycamobile, you can call free on 322 which is Lycamobile customer care number UK. The call timings are between 8 AM-8 PM from Monday to Friday and between 9 AM-6 PM on weekends. Your issues will be resolved either instantly on phone or they will call back between the prescribed time to resolve your matter at the best. You can even ask for assistance through email by sending your query at Lycamobile customer service email address [email protected].

Where do I need to call if I have to resolve general inquiries with Lycamobile?

You can either contact the Lycamobile team through the phone or email for resolving general matters. Lycamobile customer care email address is [email protected] where you can send your issues in detail. You will be given an appropriate solution as the Lycamobile team takes the customer’s inquiries on a priority basis. If you wish to resolve your matter through the call, you can use the Lycamobile general helpline number 0130 085 4607. You can ask anything regarding bill payment, account information, tariff plans offered, office location and address, etc. An alternate number that can also be used for asking for such information is 0207 132 1101.

How can I check the balance or pay the bill with Lycamobile?

You can check the balance or pay the bill through the phone by calling Lycamobile bill payment number 0207 132 0322. You can even use an automated voice system to check the balance. You need to dial 321 from Lycamobile to check the balance. Alternatively, you need to dial *131# from Lycamobile and within seconds balance will appear on your screen. It is an easy way to check the balance without contacting the Lycamobile customer executives. You can even call Lycamobile check balance contact number 0740 400 0321 if you want to check the balance through the phone.

How can I contact the Lycamobile business development and Lycamobile marketing division?

You can call the Lycamobile business development department through the email at Lycamobile business development email [email protected]. However, your issues related to the Lycamobile marketing division can be resolved by sending an email at Lycamobile marketing email address [email protected].

What are the toll-free numbers of Lycamobile that I can call to resolve my issues?

Lycamobile UK toll-free number that can be called upon for resolving your issues is 184 5301 1612. For USA customers the Lycamobile USA toll-free number is 186 6277 3221. If you wish to contact Australia toll-free number Lycamobile Australia toll-free number is 180 064 2008.

How can I access Lycamobile voicemail service?

Lycamobile voicemail service is automatically activated in the mobile of the customers. However, if you are facing any issues related to this service, you can call Lycamobile voicemail service number 0740 400 0121. You can even dial 121 and access this service if you want to avoid making a call and follow further instructions.

How can I file a complaint if I am not happy with Lycamobile customer support?

You can file your complaint through an email at Lycamobile complaint email address [email protected]. Your complaint will be taken seriously and within 5 working days, the complaints team will try to resolve your issue. The customers who are not happy with the solution provided by the Lycamobile complaints team can escalate the matter to the independent forum Financial Ombudsman. A written complaint can also be filed and send through the post at Lycamobile customer complaint address:

Walbrook Building, 195 Marsh Wall London, E14 9SG United Kingdom

Another address where concerns and complaints can be sent is:

14 Ealing Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA04TL, United Kingdom

The Financial Ombudsman Service can be reached by calling their consumer helpline number 0800 023 4567. The call can be made between 8 AM-6 PM from Monday to Friday. Another number that can also be used is 0300 123 9123. If you need to contact the technical advice desk for resolving your complaint, you need to make a call at 0207 964 1400. Generally, your matter will be resolved by the Lycamobile complaints team but in rare cases if you are not happy with the solution, you have the choice to go further to resolve it.