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British Airways Service Postal Address

  • Customer service address British Airways Customer Relations (S506) PO Box 1126 Uxbridge UB8 9XS, United Kingdom

  • Executive club address British Airways Executive Club PO Box 1125 Uxbridge UB8 9XR
  • Open Skies address British Airways Customer Relations Postfach 286118 28361 Bremen Germany
  • SUN-AIR compensation contact address SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S, Customer Relations, Cumulusvej 10, Billund DK-7190, Denmark

How can I reach British Airways customer service?

  • If you talk about the airlines, British Airways is the second-largest airline in the UK. If you are having any general inquiries related to bookings, flights, meals, baggage, etc, you can call British Airways customer service number 0344 493 0787. The call timings are between 7:30 AM-8 PM from Monday to Sunday. If you wish to make any changes in flights or any other change, you can call on this number between 6 PM-8 PM on any day.
  • If you wish to file a complaint against British Airways, you can use the same number mentioned above or send a complaint letter at the following address:

British Airways, Customer Relations (S506), PO Box 1126, Uxbridge, UB8 9XS, United Kingdom

How can I book a flight with British Airways?

  • You can book a flight or check the prices of flights, hotels, etc. by calling British Airways booking number UK 0844 493 0787. The working hours within which calls can be made are between 7:30 AM-9:45 PM from Monday to Sunday.
  • If you wish to make group bookings, you need to call British Airways group bookings number 0344 493 0765. You can even check the status of flights. You just have to make a call at British Airways UK flight status number 0344 493 0777. You can even make bookings or check the status of bookings through the iOS or Android app.

How can I make British Airways executive club bookings?

  • You can easily make executive club bookings or resolve your queries related to such bookings by calling British Airways executive club bookings number 0844 493 0747. The abroad customers can call on British Airways outside UK number 0191 490 7901. You can call between 7:30 AM-8 PM from Monday to Sunday.
  • If you want to make changes to existing bookings, you can do so by calling 0344 493 0747. You can even use this number if you need to make any special request. The customers living outside the UK can use the abroad number 0191 490 7901. If you wish to contact British Airways through the post, you can send your inquiry at the following British Airways customer care address:

British Airways Executive Club, PO Box 1125, Uxbridge, UB8 9XR

How can I find my misplaced baggage with British Airways?

  • The British Airways missing baggage numberĀ  0344 493 0785 can be used to report the misplaced baggage. The British Airways customer team will make full efforts to trace it. You can even report online through this page.
  • However, if you have received the baggage but there is a loss of contents or some damage, you need to call at British Airways helpline UK number 0344 493 0787. The call needs to be made between working hours i.e. between 9 AM-5 PM from Monday to Friday. If you are thinking of making claim against missing baggage, it should be made within 21 days from the day baggage got misplaced. The claim against damaged baggage can be made within 7 days of receiving the missing baggage. You can call on the above number for checking the status of the claim.

How can I get a refund for the booking with British Airways?

If you are interested in getting a refund for bookings or having any other queries related to this matter, you can call on British Airways booking refund number 0344 493 0787. For getting British Airways disability assistance, you need to call on 0800 408 1100. You can even send an email for getting assistance at British Airways email address [email protected].

How can I manage a business account with British Airways?

  • You need to call at British Airways business contact number if you want to manage your business account or having any queries related to business. British Airways business contact number is 0344 493 0748 that can be contacted between 6 AM-8 PM from Monday to Sunday.
  • You can check all information related to a business account through this page whether it is a small scale or a medium scale business.

Can I cancel my booking with British Airways?

  • Yes, the booking with British Airways can be canceled within 24 hours of the booking. You need to call on British Airways to cancel booking number 0344 493 0787 and make the cancellation. You can even claim a full refund through this number after canceling the booking. The booking can be canceled online too through this page. However, in case 24 hours have been passed and you still want to cancel the booking, you need to sign in through this page.
  • Any inquiries related to airport parking can be resolved by sending an email to [email protected]. You can even call at British Airways airport parking numberĀ  0844 745 9777 and resolve your issues.