Easyjet Complaints UK

If you have any issues regarding Easyjet services, you can easily reach the Easyjet UK customer services team by email via the Easyjet complaints email address [email protected] or over the telephone at Easyjet complaints phone number UK 0330 551 5151 from Mon-Sun 6 am – 11 pm. The team will take all measures to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Easyjet Special Assistance Complaint

If, in case you have complaints in regard to special assistance services at the airport, you should directly reach the airport if it is in the UK or a European Union country as well as Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland ( contact details are on their respective websites). However, for any issues at an airport outside of the European countries listed, Easyjet flights special assistance services are to be contacted at Easyjet special assistance telephone number 0800 260 6686 or +44 330 551 5167 if calling from outside UK from Mon-Sun 8 am- 8 pm. The same team can also be contacted if you have a complaint about anything that happened on the flight.

If in case, you are not satisfied with the way the issue has been dealt with or by the airport, you can refer the issue to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Easyjet Hotel Booking Complaint

For any issues regarding accommodation, booking.com customer services have to be contacted at their phone number 0203 564 6725 or +44 203 320 2609 if calling from abroad or the details can be sent online using the page.

Easyjet Holiday Complaint

If you have any complaint regarding your Easyjet holiday, you need to fill in the details online using a contact form via the page and Easyjet customer services will take all steps to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

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