Tax your vehicle

Here is a guide of how to tax your car, motorcycle or other vehicles that requires taxation through DVLA. You can always find this information on about tax your vehicle. Note that, if you live in wales, you can get all the services by visiting the Welsh page.

DVLA vehicle tax phone number: 0300 123 432 24hour service

DVLA Vehicle customer service number: 0300 790 6802 Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm Saturdays, 8am to 2pm

Tax Car DVLA Check

You can tax your car, motorcycle, or any of your vehicle using a reference number:

  1. For DVLA tax a car, or motorcycle, you need a reference number given as a last chance warning letter from DVLA or a recent (V11) reminder.
  2. Also, you are needed to use a reference number if your car logbook (V5C) which is a must to be in your name.
  3. You will also be required to use a reference number from the green new keeper slip from a logbook if you had just bought it.
  4. You can pay through DVLA tax a car direct debit, credit card or using debit. If you are not able to do the process you can DVLA car tax online by going to tax vehicle page or contact DVLA through the phone to take you through the process.
  5. It is a requirement to have your car taxed even if you are not supposed to pay anything. For instance, if you are exempt because of disability.
  6. The law requires you first meet all the legal demands if you are a driver before you can road tax a car DVLA.

Tax a Car DVLA: Class Change

You may be required to change your vehicle’s tax class, if either:

  1. You need to tax a new car DVLA, which belongs to a disabled and taxation paperwork of the car is done for the first time. You need to comply by visiting tax your vehicle page. Remember if you are disabled or not you need to follow drivers and rider’s requirements by visiting the legal obligations page before you drive any vehicle.
  2. Also, your tax class may change if your car was used by a disabled person before.
  3. For a class change, you cannot tax a car online DVLA, but can only be applied at a Post Office. You need to do so on the change vehicle tax class page.

DVLA car Tax Service

  1. For tax car DVLA phone number, you can use 0300 123 4321 and apply or enquire anything related to your vehicle tax service application. You can learn more about the tax car DVLA number call charges page.
  2. For tax car DVLA number is accessible for 24-hour service.
  3. When it comes to tax car DVLA charges, you cannot make payment by Direct Debit over the phone.

How to Tax Your Car DVLA

Yes, you can pay your vehicle tax through any UK post office that offers DVLA tax services. What you do is either you take:

  1. The payment that is dedicated to catering for your vehicle tax and you can check the amount the company can tax a newly purchased car DVLA on the vehicle tax rates page.
  2. The other one you need to take is your bank or building society account details, so you can set up a Direct Debit.
  3. You should note that these payments are not required if your vehicle is tax-exempt and if you are not aware of vehicles exempted from tax, you can learn more on Vehicles exempt from vehicle tax page.
  4. As you go to the post office, you should also remember to take your vehicle logbook and make sure your V5C is in your name.
  5. An additional item to take with you to PO is the green new keeper slip from a logbook in case you just bought it.
  6. If you do not have any of the mentioned documents, you need to apply for a new logbook by checking the vehicle logbook page. And if you prefer to apply by phone you can contact DVLA by going to their page. But if you prefer going to the post office way, you are required to fill the form V62 by going to the application for a vehicle registration certificate page.
  7. Be ready with your MOT test certificate as that may be required at some point. You should be ready with the certificate before you begin the tax process and make sure it is valid.
  8. Even after your vehicle passes the test, your vehicle may not complete the tax process immediately as the MOT information may take up to 2 days to have the information updated.
  9. If you reside in Northern Ireland you will be required to have a cover note or an insurance certificate.

How to Tax a SORN Vehicle DVLA

  1. If your vehicle is in a garage, you do not have to tax your vehicle, therefore, you can register that it is off the road.
  2. You can follow the process of DVLA how to tax a SORN car by going to MAKE A SORN page.
  3. If your previous DVLA car tax was not utilized by the time you go for the SORN application, DVLA will refund your full months of remaining tax by going to the vehicle tax refund page.
  4. After your car returns to the road, remember you need to have to tax it again by simply going to tax your vehicle page. Or ask the support team on how to tax your car DVLA.