List of HSBC Customer Service Numbers

List of HSBC Service Email Address

HSBC Service Postal Address

  • HSBC card guard contact address CPP HSBC, Customer Service, PO BOX 5207, Coventry, CV3 9FB

Can I contact HSBC customer service

  • Existing customers of HSBC can resolve their issues by calling at HSBC customer number 0345 740 4404.

Who should i contact in case I lost my HSBC card?

HSBC customer service representative will assist you through phone in case you report about your lost card. You need to call on HSBC customer care UK contact lost card number 0345 600 7010. However, if you stay outside the UK, you need to call HMRC customer care UK contact 0144 242 2929.

Is there any customer hotline number for a new HSBC customer?

  • HSBC customer service number is both for new as well as existing customers. If you are new to HSBC, call HSBC customer hotline number 0345 604 0626.

How can I avail HSBC business services?

  • HSBC business customer service team can be assessed at HSBC hotline number 0345 602 2014.
  • The customers who want to get business insured from HSBC, can dial HSBC business insurance number free 0800 389 2815.
  • If you want to get information regarding HSBC business startup account, you need to call free number 0800 731 8904.
  • If you want to avail HSBC account opening service for your business, you need to call HSBC account opening service free number 0800 032 1770.
  • The services related to business card are provided at HSBC business card service number 0170 239 4394. .
  • However, services related to new business account can be availed by calling at HSBC business card service phone free number 0800 731 8918.

How can I get my car insured with HSBC and avail related services?

  • You can get your car insured with HSBC by calling HSBC car insurance number free 0800 252 465.
  • In case you are having any claims related to car insurance, you can reach HSBC claims settlement department staff through phone. You need to dial HSBC car insurance claims number 0344 871 2330.
  • The information regarding windscreen claims will be handled by HSBC claims department at free number 0800 107 0985.
  • The RAC breakdown assistance service will be available at HSBC RAC breakdown assistance free contact 0800 107 4639.
  • The car insurance policy with HSBC can also be cancelled at HSBC cancellation policy number 0344 871 2363.

How HSBC student insurance service benefit the students if availed by them?

Students can avail HSBC insurance service and take care of their personal stuff. They need to call HSBC student insurance contact number 0345 300 5898 and get connected with HSBC student insurance service. They can ask for their claims at HSBC student insurance claims department number 0345 300 5899.