List of EE Customer Service Numbers

List of EE Service Email Address

EE Service Postal Address

  • Head office address 6 Camberwell Way Sunderland Tyne and Wear SR3 3XN

How do I speak to EE customer services?

  • EE  customer service representatives can be reached by calling at EE customer service phone number 0800 956 6000. When T-Mobile got merged with Orange company, EE emerged as the latest 3G network provider. It was originated in 2010 but now advanced technology has come and it has introduced 4G as well as 5G networks. You can enjoy 24 hours of support through live chat and EE customer service numbers.
  • You can even register yourself at the MY EE app that will help you in managing your online accounts and resolving your issues. This app offers many utilities through which while sitting at home you can manage your devices and connections without any hassle. You can even pay your bills and check internet usage through this useful app.

Where is EE head office and how can I reach there?

EE head office is located in London and you can visit there anytime for resolving your issues. You can even send your queries through the post at the following postal EE head office address:

EE Customer Services, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom

The customers can even use this address to file their complaints. You just need to mention your name, address, and mobile number so that EE customer support could respond to you back with the best solution.

How can I join EE?

It is very easy to join EE. You just need to call on Join EE number 0800 956 6000.  This is not for business customers. If you are into business and the number of employees working in your business is less than 100, you can join EE, by calling on different number 0800 956 6100.  If your employees are more than 100, you need to call Join EE phone number 0800 079 0888. The calling hours are within 8 AM-9 PM from Monday to Friday and between 8 AM-8 PM on weekends.

How do I get EE technical support?

If you are enjoying EE mobile services and you are having technical issues related to that service, you can call EE technical help number 150. If you are calling from a landline for asking technical support, you need to call on EE broadband technical support number 0795 396 6250. If you are not taking the services of EE but still need some technical help, you can contact EE technical problems number 0800 079 8586. Even if you are living abroad, you can enjoy technical support by calling at +44 795 396 6250.

How can I reach the EE broadband customer service number?

EE broadband services are enjoyed by a lot of people whether they live in the UK or outside the UK. You can reach the EE broadband service number through the mobile by dialing 150. However, if you are using the landline for submitting your inquiry related to EE broadband services, you need to call on 0800 079 8586. If you are not part of EE or have not joined EE, you can still get help from EE customer service by calling EE TV contact number 0207 362 0200.

 Can I reach EE WiFi customer service without much effort?

EE Wifi customer service can be reached just with one call if you are facing some interruptions in your WiFi service. You need to call on EE WiFi customer service number 0795 396 6502. If you are using the number of other service providers and calling from it, you need to dial a different number for availing of EE WiFi services which is 0795 396 6250.

How can I avail of EE business services?

If your business is running on a small scale and you need help from EE, you can use their EE small business number 0795 396 6250 and ask for the necessary help. Even if you are living abroad or not a part of the EE group, you need to dial the same number. However, if your business is running on a large scale, you need to call on a different number for help which is 0800 079 3333. The non-EE business customers can ask for help by calling on EE large business contact number 0797 310 0158.

How do I top-up Orange Pay as you go?

You need to call Orange Pay as you go contact number 0797 310 0450 if you want to top-up and ask other queries related to Orange Pay as you go service. This number can be used if you are using EE landline services to make a call. However, if you want to use Orange mobile, you need to dial 450 to resolve your issue.

If you wish to use the Orange Pay monthly service, you need to make a call at 0797 310 0150.

How can I resolve my Orange home broadband problems?

The customers can resolve their issues related to Orange home broadband by calling Orange home phone and broadband customer service number 0800 079 8586 from the landline. If you are not a customer of EE or Orange,  you can use the different Orange home broadband contact number 0207 362 0200.