List of ATT Customer Service Numbers

List of ATT Service Email Address

ATT Service Postal Address

  • AT&T customer service address AT&T GNS United Kingdom, 80 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL, United Kingdom

How do I contact AT&T customer service?

  • You can enjoy many services of AT&T such as voice services, network security, hosting, communication, etc. To resolve your queries related to these services, you need to call AT&T customer service number 0800 331 0500. Your all inquiries will be resolved at this AT&T service number. If you wish to contact AT&T for technical help, you need to call AT&T technical help number 0877 770 4932.
  • If you wish to add some new service provided by AT&T or upgrade the service already availed by you, you need to make a call AT&T check upgrade eligibility number 0844 433 0113.
  • If your business is on small scale and you need AT&T support, you can call on AT&T small business contact number 0855 402 2174. The call timings are between 9 AM-6 PM from Monday to Friday. There is also an unlimited web-only plan for AT&T business customers that can be availed of by calling AT&T small business customer service number 0855 923 2161.
  • You can even contact AT&T customer service through email by sending your inquiry at [email protected]. If you need cybersecurity support at AT&T, you can call on AT&T cybersecurity support number 0866 792 3278.

How can I enjoy AT&T mobility customer service?

  • AT&T mobility service can be availed by phone by calling AT&T mobile customer service number 0866 945 8251. You can use this number even for adding a new service.
  • Your inquiries related to billing and payments, repairs required at your home or business, managing account online or changes required to be made in accounts, etc, can be resolved by calling mobile service manager AT&T st this number 0800 331 0500.

Does AT&T offer internet in my area?

  • Yes, you can avail of AT&T internet customer service anywhere by just making one phone call. You just have to call on AT&T wireless internet customer service number 0877 219 3898 and buy new AT&T internet and networking services.
  • If you are facing technical issues, then AT&T technical support is available at AT&T advance technical support number 0800 288 2020. Your issues related to the internet or TV will be resolved through this number without any hassle.
  • There is an internet of things service provided by AT&T that can be availed by calling 0877 265 2118. However, if you want to ask regarding billing and payments, online management of AT&T account and its changes, internet repair service or any other service related to AT&T internet service, you need to call on AT&T internet service number 0877 438 0041. The customers who wish to avail new internet service of AT&T, they need to call on AT&T internet customer service number 0866 861 6075.
  • The technical support related to AT&T ConnecTech service can be asked for by calling at AT&T ConnecTech phone number 0866 294 3464.  The disability resources service can be asked for by calling between 10 AM-10 PM from Monday to Friday and between 11 AM-7:45 PM on Saturday at 0800 651 5111. The alternate number for this service is 0866 772 3140.
  • AT&T Fixed wireless internet service can be asked for using AT&T wireless internet service number 0877 990 0041. The call timings are between 8 AM-8 PM from Monday to Friday and between 8 AM-5 PM on Saturday.

Is AT&T wireless customer service is available 24 hours?

Yes AT&T wireless customer service phone number is available 24 hours and can be reached at 0800 331 0500. This number is for existing customers. The new customers can avail of this service by calling AT&T wireless customer service number 24/7 0888 333 6651. The disability resources service related to it can be availed by calling at 0866 241 6567. The support required for traveling abroad can be contacted at 01 314 925 6925.

How can I contact the AT&T prepaid customer service number?

If you are having any issues with AT&T prepaid service or want to get this service, you can call AT&T prepaid customer service number 0800 901 9878. The travel support related to this service can be contacted at 01 408 962 105.

Can I contact AT&T watch TV contact number for AT&T TV support?

AT&T TV contact number can be called upon between 7 AM-9 PM from Monday to Friday and between 8 AM-9 PM on weekends at 0800 288 2020. For new customers, AT&T provides U-verse TV support, which can be availed by calling AT&T TV support number 0844 827 7057.

How can I file a complaint against AT&T customer service if I am not happy?

If you are not enjoying AT&T service or having some issues related to some service, you can file a complaint without any hesitation. You need to call AT&T customer service complaints number 0800 331 0500. IF you want a quick solution to your problem, you can go for the live chat option.

The customers who wish to avail of AT&T savings customer service in the US are required to make a call at 0844 254 7186. The technical support related to US service support of AT&T can be availed by calling at 0833 904 1656.