Here is a guide of how to cancel any of Sky services – this include Sky sports cancellation (on Now TV and and Mobile also)

First of all, you can always find information on Sky cancellation page

  1. You need to cancel your Sky services 31 days in advance. And check you do not have cooling period
  2. If you like to cancel your TV Engineer, click here and cancel through my orders
  3. Go to your dashboard and click the service you like to cancel- is it Sky TV or cancel your Sky broadband or Sky sport cancellation – just click it
  4. Click cancel service button

cancel sky

Please remember that outside of the cooling period you will have to pay fee for your cancellation out of contract. You can check Sky cancellation fees here:

How can i cancel my Sky broadband?

Sky have a dedicated page for Sky Broadband cancellation.

  1. If you are canceling within the cooling period – you got a problem mate, you got some fees to pay. So according to Sky cancelation fees, you will need to pay:

    Early termination charges only apply if your subscription ends before the end of your minimum term, for reasons other than those permitted under your contract. Please read your contract for more details. Your Sky Mobile contract is available at (sign in with your Sky iD). from:

  2. If you are terminating and dont have any fees to pay, just contact Sky free phone number: 0800 151 2747
  3. Ask the Representative to cancel your Sky Broadband
  4. Do yourself a favor and dont cancel the direct debit or any other payment method before Sky is officially canceled

Cancelling sky to get a better deal

Some pepole cancel Sky just to get a better deal, that is fine, and its called a swich. If you need to switch from Sky, you should first member that you can! negotiate with Sky, its OK and you will find that some bargaining can reduce the price you pay or get you some free perks on the house, why not!

You can get Sky deals on the Sky official deals page, but remember – you can also find some great deals and coupons if you sigh up for couple of years with them (Cheese Louise!)

How do i cancel Netflix on Sky?

  1. You need to downgrade from unlimited in demand
  2. Check that you can do it without any fees
  3. You need to login to your Sky, and if you forgot your password, then refresh it through your email
  4. Decide if it is worth it for you to cancel and click the cancellation button, or just call Sky customer service team for cancellation.